How To Prepare For A Daughter

If your wife recently told you that she’s expecting a little girl, you might be freaking out. Handling a little boy seems easy right? You teach him how to play catch and do other things that your father taught you. But with a little girl, it’s a whole new ball game. Now you have to worry if your girls pushchairs for sale is the right shade of pink and when she’ll come home talking about a boy from school.

The good news is that having a little girl isn’t that big of a deal. Yes, you’ll have to choose amongst the girly girls pushchairs for sale, but any shade of pink will do. And there’s no reason to start worrying about how she’ll act when she’s grownup just yet.

Remember that she will look to you as her main male role model and everything that you do and how you treat her and your wife will become a part of how she views men and how men should treat women. You have to do your best to set a good example. It’s important to stay firm and give proper discipline, but also take time to goof off with her and get to know her.

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If you really want to make sure she knows how she has to be treated by boys in the future, try taking her out on daddy-daughter dates and do everything that you would want her future dates to do. Open the door for her, pull out her chair and tell her she looks pretty. The stronger a girl’s relationship with her father is, the more she expects from other men and the less likely it is that she’ll allow anyone to disrespect her.